In the summer of 1997, a force to be reckoned with came up from the Beer Leagues. Forged from the punk rejects of all the other teams, a group of individuals came together to form the deadliest machine ever to grace the ice. With a total commitment to hockey, beer, and punk rock, Two Man Advantage was born kicking and screaming into a savage, hostile environment with sticks swinging. A ferocious game plan was devised and the Two Man hit the circuit, racking up huge numbers of victories and almost never losing a bout. Never before had such a perfect balance of offensive skill, finesse, and tuneful melody been combined with a defensive depth of hard-hitting, blazing mega-core. Two Man Advantage has grown from a core group of skilled players and prolific drinkers into a well-liquored, inexhaustible, steamrolling machine--playing hundreds of games in support of the Team’s releases since the first demo in ’97. The Team has added members since then and has become legendary for its intense live performances—leaving its opponents bloodied and bowed, but always begging to hear more.
Four years and two Henry Cup Championships later, Two Man Advantage begin to turn it up a notch with a new record “Don’t Label Us” on Go Kart Records, a full US tour followed in the summer of 2001 and more touring to follow in the remainder of the year and 2002. So grab a beer, lace your skates, wear your mohawk up, and hit the ice with the Two Man.

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