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Here's the Two Man Advantage discography....Click a highlighted song to download an mp3

1) The Demo (cassette only) ** OUT OF PRINT ** - the debut from Two Man Advantage, before the Captain was called up from the minors. Recorded & released in late 1997, before we ever played a show. A cover song was recorded at this session, also...that being Down By Law's "Punk As Fuck" (from the 'Punkrockacademyfightsong' LP), but was never released.

Songs: 2 Man Advantage Intro, No Time For Sippin', Let's Drink, Lifeless, I Need A Beer, Ode To Judas Iscariot, Captain Morgan, Fast Car, Beerman, Go Home Little sXe Boy, Vermont, Beer Today...Gone Tomorrow, I Don't Care

2) 'Introducing Bill' comp....this is a CD comp. which came free with an issue of Under The Volcano.

Song: Let's Drink
3) 'Live on Crucial Chaos' ** OUT OF PRINT **....Just as the title says, a self-released cassette of a live in the studio on the legendary Crucial Chaos radio show on WNYU radio - recorded on April 2, 1998.

Songs: 2 Man Advantage Intro, No Time For Sippin', Oh Harry, Fast Car, Pornographic, Beerman, Penalty Box, Skating Down The Ice, Captain Morgan, I Had A Dream About Hockey, I Want A Beer and Eggplant.
4) split 7" with the Loiterers....our first "real" release, a split with our buddies the Loiterers on Crapfit Records. We put the

Songs: Pornographic, Beerman, and Chug It.

5) split 7" with Mad Cow Dizeaze 182...recorded at the same time as the other split, with L.I. bringers of chaos, MCD182.

Songs: Penalty Box and Surfin' The Crowd.

6) DRAFTED - the full-length CD, released on Royalty Records in October of 1998. Produced by our good friend Dave Smalley....thanks Dave!!

Unfortunately, 'Drafted' is now out-of-print. Hopefully, this will not be a permanent situation, and there have been some talks with other labels about re-releasing it. More details as this story breaks.

Songs: 2MA Intro/No Time For Sippin', Pornographic, Captain Morgan, Penalty Box, Beerman, Skating Down The Ice, I Want A Beer, Hockey Junkie, Fast Car, Hockey Fight (Clark Gillies), Zucchini, Chug It!, Oh Harry, I Had A Dream About Hockey, Beer Today...Gone Tomorrow, I Don't Care, and Commercial Break.
7) 'Only So Much Can Go Wrong/A LI Punk Compilation. CD of L.I. punk bands...write Six Pack Records, 4 Sprucetree Lane, Huntington Station, NY 11746 OR Cra-Z-Stuf Records, 14 Stephen Marc Lane, New Hyde Park, NY 11040 for more info

Song: Penalty Box
8) 'Scene Report' comp. CD -- on Triple Crown Records .

Song: Zamboni Driving Maniac
9) 'Terror Firmer' soundtrack CD -- on Go Kart Records. The song is featured in the Troma Studios film of the same name. The movie is available in VHS and DVD formats at

Song: Surfing The Crowd
10) "Don't Label Us" our second full length released May 15, 2001 on Go Kart Records.

Songs: Don't Label us, Zamboni Driving Maniac, New Season, Opinionated Motherfucker, Hot Rod GTO, Saturday Night, Do What You Want, Headhunting, Pass The Puck, Ya Ya Yo, The Sweep, Broken Bottle Rock & Roll, Old Tyme Hockey, Let's Drink, H.O.C.K.E.Y., Hall Of Fame and Suck It Down.
1) We'll be doing a live 7" on HanDIYcapped Records...recording from a show we did at the Continental in New York City.

3) 'Hardcore Correct' zine comp. - Vol. 2. Our song "Back Then" will appear on this compilation..