NEWS UPDATES!!! - 12/3/16

1) It's been a year since this page has been updated. Sorry about that. We're still here though - we swear. We have some shows coming up & we're actually working up some brand new songs for ya. Hockey season is in full swing! As always, check out the Future Games page for the show details.

2) We have recorded a track for the upcoming tribute to The A.K.s. You can read more about that by clicking HERE. We have another great project in the works as well - but we'll talk more about that later.

3) We get asked all the time, "Where can we see that documentary that was made about you?". Of course, that would be '69 Minutes of Fame', directed by our good friend Mark Foster. Although the film is now about 15 years old, it's still a fun watch, and you can now stream it through YouTube by going HERE.

4) Our newest release is our split 7" with our friends The Blackout Shoppers on Sexy Baby Records. That's still available as a colored vinyl 7", three songs by each band, with a digital download code - you can go HERE to order yours.

5) Have you gotten the "new" 2MA LP (yes - "LP") - 'Dynasty' yet? If not - head on over to Drug Front Records and snag a copy. The new album is available on vinyl (limited to 250 copies), CD and digital download.

6) If you haven't already, pick up the 'NY/CT Hardcore Connection' compilation that came out late in 2012 on United Riot Records. You can pick up a copy by going HERE. There are two unreleased 2MA songs on there - "Fuck Off" (an original) & "Gimme Some Action" (a Fear cover) - both of which were recorded during the 'South of Canada' sessions. 13 bands - 25 songs - $10 - you can't go wrong.

7) The re-mastered re-issue of our long out-of-print debut album - DRAFTED - originally released in 1998 on Royalty Records (produced by the legendary Dave Smalley) is now available through Drug Front Records. In addition to a killer remastering job which greatly improves on the sound of the original release, there are also five bonus songs from the demo tape days that you've probably never heard (unless you're one of the few who actually has the demo). Buy it now for only $5 directly through the Drug Front website by going HERE. Note that this is a digital download only release. It is also available through iTunes, MOG, rdio & will be available on Spotify at some point in the future (if it's not already).

8) Remember....THIS SITE is still the best way to get info on what's going on in 2MA world. We've essentially given up on the MySpace page....and we have some fun with the Facebook page....but when it comes to finding out what's up or what shows are coming up - this site (as unglamorous as it may look) is still the #1 place to go. Tell your friends..

9) Are you friends with us on Facebook?....if not - join us....not sure how to link to the page - but if you're on there, just do a search - and you'll find us.

10) SOUTH OF CANADA - it's been out for a few years now - but still readily available via Rodent Popsicle or Interpunk.


BOOKING THE TWO MAN: Contact us directly at

E-mail us at - for anything other than booking



1) The Demo (12/97) - OUT OF PRINT

2) "Live on Crucial Chaos" demo ('98) - OUT OF PRINT

3) 'Introducing Bill' compilation (came free with some old issue of 'Under the Volcano' fanzine) (song: "Let's Drink" from the demo) ('98) - OUT OF PRINT (but you can find "Let's Drink" on 'Don't Label Us')

4) split 7" with The Loiterers (Crapfit Records) ('98) - OUT OF PRINT

5) split 7" with Mad Cow Dizeaze 182 ('98) - OUT OF PRINT

6) 'Drafted' CD (Royalty Records) (10/27/98) - OUT OF PRINT -- but you can order a used copy pretty cheap through Amazon by clicking HERE

7) 'Terror Firmer' soundtrack CD (Go Kart Records) (10/31/00) - to order click HERE

8) 'Don't Label Us' (Go Kart Records) (5/15/01) - to order click HERE

9) 'Go Kart vs. The Corporate Giant Vol. 3' compilation (Go Kart Records) (11/26/02) (exclusive comp. track - "On Tour With An Idol") - to order click HERE

10) 'Go-Kart MP300 Raceway' compilation (Go Kart Records) (10/28/03) - to order click HERE

11) 'Only So Much Can Go Wrong' compilation (Six Pack Records) (3/1/05) - to order click HERE

12) split 7" with Supreme Commander (Basement Records) (4/11/06) - to order click HERE

13) 'South of Canada' CD (Rodent Popsicle Records) (2008) - to order click HERE

14) 'Drafted' (digital download only) (3/10/12) (Drug Front Records) - re-mastered reissue of the long out-of-print debut album with 5 bonus tracks (rare stuff from the demo tape days)

15) 'NY/CT Hardcore Connection' comp (United Riot Records) (Oct. 2012)

16) 'Dynasty' on Drug Front Records (Dec. 2012)

17) split 7" with The Blackout Shoppers (Sexy Baby Records) (Oct. 2013)


- split LP with the Daycare Swindlers (Say-10 Records)

- Kick It! A Tribute to the A.K.s (comp.)