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Two Man Advantage is the subject of a documentary titled "69 Minutes of Fame," directed by Mark Foster, who filmed the band over the last 3 years.

Mark Foster who is represented by eo productions in Manhattan and makes his living by directing commercials funded the project himself.

"It was a funny story," Foster explains. "The band started out as a joke, but here it is with a life of its own now. I thought that was cool. It was definitely a learning experience."

"I had a great time making this film. The guys are all amazing people. I feel lucky that they were so entertaining. The toughest part was that I had just under 50 hours of hilarious (to us) footage that i had to wittle down into a bearable movie for the outside world. Making this film was a learning experience," Foster says. "It was a labor of love... Just as some bands can be. I had no idea how much it entailed when I started it."

As of August 16,2002, Foster is working on editing the film's deleted scenes and some other two-man nuggets for the "69 Minutes of Fame" DVD. Be patient. Believe it or not, he does want you to have a copy. We'll keep you posted.

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